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Plop App is an app to chart your Crohn’s symptoms, analyse and share them with your medical practitioner. It is made by a long time Crohn’s sufferer for Crohn’s Suffers.

Give your Doctor the best data.

In your doctors appointment remembering what to say can be hard. You may not correctly remember your symptoms or you may not get it fully right. Track your symptoms so you can give them the best data possible.


 Record data based on  medial charts

The measurements you take are based on medical chart scales so you can give your Doctor information they can appreciate like the pain scale or the Bristol Stool Chart for your Bowel Movements.


View your data in a calendar

Get a quick day to day comparison in your calendar. To where you need to fill in data.


Analyse your data

Generate analysis cards that are easy to follow and cover many aspects of your symptoms including Harvey Bradshaw index, weight, Pain, Stress, Fatigue, General Well Being and many more.


Create custom reports

Customise the reports to share with your doctor that are tailored to the data they want. You can even export your data as a csv so you can generate your own analysis and reports.

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